Producer / Mixer

Jean quickly became the most influential producer of his generation. He virtually has no equal at the highlighting a piece of a music. His first ten years spent in Africa, his engineering training but also his assiduous practice of the guitare have given him a different perpective as well as the rare ability to immerse himself in it. Jean particulary enjoys long term commitment with the artists and has often worked on extended productions and collaborations. At the same time, he founded the group "Gekko" with the guitarist Jean-Louis Solans and the percussionist Arnaud Devos. This trio of composers give on their first album an unexpected fusion of oriental songs and electronic sounds. Besides their experimentations, the "Gekko" members produce film music and inspired remixs.

Technical information

Uses Protools but has preference for Neve desks.


8, Bd Ménilmontant
75020 Paris
Tél. 01 43 48 44 44
Fax 01 43 48 00 40